What is RUKOBIA?

RUKOBIA is a prescription medicine used with other antiretroviral (ARV) medicines to treat HIV-1 in adults who:

  • have received several anti-HIV-1 regimens in the past, and
  • have HIV-1 virus that is resistant to many ARV medicines, and
  • are failing their current ARV therapy because it is not working, are not able to tolerate the side effects, or have other safety concerns



RUKOBIA works differently from other HIV-1 treatments by stopping the virus from attaching to your CD4+ T-cells.


RUKOBIA, with other HIV medicines, helped to decrease viral load through ~5 years (240 weeks) in some people whose medicines were no longer working.*
Results may vary

Some people who received RUKOBIA, and other HIV medicines, had a robust improvement in their CD4+ T-cell count through ~5 years.*
Results may vary

RUKOBIA should be taken along with other HIV-1 medicines recommended by your doctor.

*Based on data from the BRIGHTE trial, where 371 adults received RUKOBIA plus their current HIV-1 medicines. All participants who entered the study met the following criteria: virus was detectable while on their current medicines (viral load ≥400 and copies/mL), and virus was resistant to many HIV-1 treatments. All participants had limited treatment options left.

HIV-1=human immunodeficiency virus type-1.

Is RUKOBIA right for you?

See a helpful resource on talking
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Not actual

"I have resistance to multiple classes of medication, but I’ve never given up."

Dennis, taking RUKOBIA as part of an HIV-1 regimen.
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