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RUKOBIA, as part of an HIV-1 treatment regimen, may help reduce viral load for your clients if their current HIV-1 treatment is no longer working.

RUKOBIA may be an appropriate treatment option for your clients whose regimens are not working and who have few treatment options left to manage HIV-1 because: 

  • Your clients have been on several HIV-1 regimens in the past
  • The virus was resistant to many HIV-1 treatments or your clients experienced side effects or other safety problems with their previous HIV-1 treatment

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Information for ASO/CBO Professionals

Learn more about RUKOBIA and how to talk with your clients about this treatment option.

ASO/CBO brochure

ASO Brochure

A helpful overview for you with more information about RUKOBIA.

Patient brochure

Patient Brochure

A guide for your clients with more information on RUKOBIA.

is rukobia right for your clients?

Learn how RUKOBIA may help your clients whose current treatment is no longer working.

ASO=AIDS service organization; CBO=community-based organizations.

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