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You may have questions about taking RUKOBIA or how it may fit into your daily life. It’s important for your doctor to know your concerns so you can have a productive conversation.

Use these questions to keep the conversation going with your doctor about treatment with RUKOBIA—and get the answers you need.

Questions to ask your doctor about RUKOBIA:

  • How might RUKOBIA help me reach my health goals for living with HIV-1?
  • Can RUKOBIA help me reach undetectable?*
  • Will RUKOBIA help increase my CD4+ T-cell count?
  • What other HIV-1 medicines should I take with RUKOBIA?
  • How do I take RUKOBIA? What should I do if I miss a dose?
  • What are the possible side effects of RUKOBIA?
  • Can RUKOBIA interact with the additional medicines I’m taking for other conditions?
  • Where can I get support information for my RUKOBIA prescription?
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"The only way that you can have trust in your doctor is you gotta be willing to share where you are and what’s going on with you."

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See how RUKOBIA may help you meet your treatment goals.


Find information and the support you need while taking RUKOBIA.

*Undetectable means reducing the HIV in your blood to very low levels (often defined as <50 copies/mL).