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Each person is unique

Every person living with HIV-1 is unique, and so is their treatment journey. For some, it can be a challenge to achieve and maintain an undetectable* viral load with their current HIV-1 treatment regimen.


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If your HIV-1 treatment is no longer able to effectively suppress your viral load, there could be several reasons why. Some of the reasons may include that you:

  • Have HIV that developed resistance to many treatment regimens
  • Have few remaining treatment options because past HIV regimens stopped working or did not work
  • Experienced side effects and tolerability issues with previous medicines
  • Took HIV-1 treatments that interacted, or are interacting, with other medicines
  • Had interruptions in healthcare

In addition to having a detectable viral load when an HIV-1 treatment regimen has stopped working, you may also be left with:

  • a compromised immune system
  • an increased risk of transmitting HIV

The importance of reaching and staying undetectable

People with HIV who take their medicine as prescribed and maintain an undetectable viral load have effectively no risk of transmitting HIV to a sexual partner.

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  • Achieving an undetectable viral load can take time, and some people may not be able to reach undetectable. Viral load testing should be performed on a regular basis to monitor viral loads, or to confirm HIV remains at an undetectable level
  • Having an undetectable HIV viral load does not prevent the transmission of other sexually transmitted infections
  • It is unknown whether keeping HIV under control prevents transmission through sharing needles

*Undetectable means reducing the HIV in your blood to very low levels, often defined as <50 copies/mL.

HIV can change form, or mutate, as it multiplies in the body. Some HIV mutations develop while a person is taking an HIV treatment and may lead to resistance. This means HIV treatments that once controlled a person’s HIV are no longer able to effectively control the virus.

Based on data from 4 studies in which no linked sexual transmissions of HIV occurred when viral load was suppressed (<200 copies/mL) in the partner with HIV. Regimens in these studies did not include RUKOBIA.

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